A Couple Notes from Today's Safeway Trip 8/4/11

After working out I thought I'd use my $10 off $50 purchase as well as my $5 off $15 Frozen Items purchase coupons.  Here are a couple observations after today's trip:

1.  Yes, you can use both coupons noted above in the same transaction.  I noticed a couple people asking this question on the couponing blogs.

2.  Yes, our Safeway is stocked with extra Save $5 Instantly on $15 Frozen Items Purchase.  This booklet also has other frozen food coupons in it.  Please note the coupon excludes frozen meat & seafood.

3.  Nope, our Safeway doesn't have the MDA Coupon Book in yet.  I talked to a manager and she said they weren't in the shipment even though they were supposed to be.  We should have them in our store within a couple days.

4.  I did the Dreyer's Deal where you buy 15 Dreyer's items combined with mfg. coupons, store coupon & doubles and they had many of the shakes, smoothies & cups left.  The cups weren't on sale for $1 but the smoothies and shakes were.  They also had the single serve Magnum bars in stock but I didn't look to see how many were available.

5.  This isn't a smokin' deal but I was excited about it.  I found Colgate Wisp 4-packs on "Priced to Sell" or whatever Safeway's wording was.  They were marked down to $1.29.  Each of them had a $.75 peelie on them making each 4 pack only $.54 each.  The coupon did say DND or I would have gotten them for $.04 each!  I combined this in my $10/$50 purchase so I supposed I got about 20% off making them around $.43 each.  I haven't tried these but they will be great to keep in our vehicles for those moments you just really need a toothpick or a quick breath freshening.

Happy couponing all and hope you are taking time to enjoy this sunshine!

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  1. These are great!! They work very well. I have a friend who uses them all of the time when she is on the go. That is a really good deal for those