Some Fun Mystery Catalinas Printing at Safeway!

Yesterday I was at Safeway and did the self check out.  I noticed a CAT printed for a Free 8x8 Shutterfly Photo Book (a $29.99 value).  I love these photo books and am really excited to get this.  I've made books of each of my girl's births through other Shutterfly promotions.  Very fun and easy to put together although a little time consuming gathering photos and arranging them perfectly.

While visiting a friend yesterday I noticed an awesome CAT pinned up on her refrigerator.  It was a CAT for $3 off any $10 produce purchase!  Oh how I would love to receive this CAT.  She's not exactly sure how she got it but said she didn't think she had purchased produce when it printed.  Puzzling??  Hope I can manage to score one of these too!

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